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Ząbki, ul. Wolności

SUBJECT: Construction and reconstruction of a rainwater drainage system in ul. Wolności and construction of a rainwater pumping station with its discharge in Radzymińska Street and reconstruction of the intersection of ul. Wolności from ul. Piotr Skarga in Ząbki
LOCATION: ul. Wolności, ul. Peter and ul. Radzymińska Skarga in Ząbki
YEAR: 2023
CLIENT: City of Ząbki
SCOPE OF WORKS: Construction of a rainwater drainage system with a rainwater tank DN1800 and a rainwater pumping station. Rainwater will be discharged into the ditch in ul. Radzymińska after their cleaning in the settling tank.
Reconstruction of Wolności Street, approx. 600 m long and approx. 8-16 m wide, and the intersection of ul. Freedom from ul. Piotra Skargi with lighting installation.