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Kąty Grodziskie street in Białołęka district in Warsaw

OBJECT LOCATION: Section of Kąty Grodziskie Street from Zdziarska street to Berenson street.
DURATION TIME: 2023-2025
CLIENT: City of Warsaw and MPWiK of Warsaw
SCOPE OF WORKS: Extension of Kąty Grodziskie Street, with a length of about 1.7 km, i.e. creating a Z category road (collective), double-sided pavements, construction of bus stops, construction and reconstruction of public and individual exits, lighting and drainage of the road. The investment also involves the reconstruction of the existing utilities infrastructure, the construction of a rainwater pumping station and the extension of two intersections;
Construction of a sewage system in ul. Kąty Grodziskie DN 0.2/0.16 L ca 739.77 m in the Białołęka district of the capital city of of Warsaw.